Fossil (chalk) Paint

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Paint is now available at Gracie D’s Antiques in Mirror, AB

5410 – 50 Ave

Mirror, AB



Van Gogh Fossil (chalk) Paint – $39.95 (1 qt) or $15 (6oz)  This paint goes a long ways!

What is Fossil Paint?

Glorious colours of chalk paint in a palette specially designed to allow the creative user to mix and match two or more colours with ease.

All paint consists of three parts:

The vehicle – as it’s called…that means the stuff that makes up most of the paint – in our case – it’s water! Most paints today use water as the vehicle because it doesn’t have any nasty toxins like paint made with oil or chemical solvents.

The pigment – that’s the stuff that gives almost everything a colour. Pigment comes in a dry powdered form. It is mined from the earth in the form of clay or mineral or even plants. Some pigments are manmade, those are called synthetic. The pigments can then be added to water or glycol or other liquids to turn them into a pourable, easy to work with colour. We use dry powdered pigments that we get from France, Italy and Germany for our handmade Beeswax Finish, and we use liquid pigments to create gorgeous heavily pigmented colours for our paint.

The binder – Without the binder, all you have is coloured water! Beautiful coloured water, but not very useful because once the water evaporates, you would be left with dry powder on your furniture that would just wipe off. So, binder is the stuff that makes it all stick together, and stick onto the furniture. We use chalk as the binder in our paint. We also use a little bit of adhesive to make sure that the paint will adhere to most surfaces. The chalk is what makes our paint look velvety, matte and smooth. It’s a beautiful finish that is hard to duplicate any other way.

van Gogh Colour Palette

van Gogh Colour Palette

Water-based, Eco Friendly, Low VOC, No sanding, or very little sanding required, Made in BC, Canada. 

This paint is uniquely designed to refinish furniture and kitchen or bathroom cabinets imparting a beautiful soft matte finish that feels as good as it looks. Whether you want to update a piece you’ve had for years with a new colour, or take that second-hand find with good bones and turn it into a French shabby chic work of art, van Gogh Chalk Paint Collection makes it easy! Priming is not generally required, though you must always test first, so you can usually skip the nasty part and get right to the fun stuff.

Price $39.95 (1L) or $15 (sample pot)


Wax – $34.95

Our beautiful non-toxic, all natural Beeswax is made by hand on Saltspring Island in BC, Canada

This beautiful beeswax is made by hand at the Clapham’s studio on Saltspring Island in BC, Canada. Every single jar of wax receives the expert artisan attention of a master. This quality product is not mass produced. Each jar contains product that was made in the same way it’s been done for decades. This is a simple, pure and natural beeswax that is non-toxic and safe to use on baby toys. Our Beeswax Furniture Finish is formulated to be applied directly over our van Gogh Chalk Paint


Do not to dip them into the paint past 3/4 of the way up the bristles. When you clean them, work the paint out by massaging the brush. Use warm water.

1″ Flat paint Brush – $14.95

2″ Rounded Paint Brush – $24.95 (SOLD OUT)

1″ Wax Brush – $21.95



Table Top Finish – $59.95/qt – this is a tough as nails top coat for any project that needs extra protection.  It is durable and can take scrubbing and mild household cleaners.  Use in on kitchen tables, chairs, etc. when you know that you need that durablility.


Furniture Make-up – $25-$30

1. Glamour Glaze – Silver Glaze (Moon Glaze)  This gorgeous warm silver coloured glaze leaves a translucent veil of shimmer, like looking at the moonlight through a cloud.

2. Cabinet Concealer Glaze – French Caffeine Glaze (Kitchen Cabinet Antiquing Glaze) Cabinet Concealer Glaze is designed specifically to refinish tired cabinets in the French Provence style. The secret of professional cabinet makeovers is all in the concealing glaze! Pro secret #1 – Translucent layers of colour: Our product is translucent, allowing layers of colour over your favourite van Gogh Fossil Paint, providing depth and movement.  Pro secret #2 – Manipulate the degree of antiquing by removing most of the glaze: Our Cabinet Concealer Glaze stays “open” (longer drying time) enabling artistic removal after application making professional results easy. Dries to a matte finish. Soap and water clean-up.



3 Furniture Facelift – Wood Coloured Plaster (Embossing Plaster)


This miracle “furniture facelift in a jar” will turning your ordinary, plain-Jane piece into a “hand-carved” masterpiece! With the consistency of a really rich moisturizing cream, it’s just as smooth and dreamy to use. This professional-quality product will adhere to most surfaces and won’t easily chip off. It can also be sanded to add to a distressed look. Preparation and Use: Ensure glossy surfaces have been lightly scuff sanded, most other surfaces will not require preparation (always test first). Spread the Furniture Facelift through a stencil using a spatula. Remove stencil immediately and allow plaster to dry. Sand lightly to remove any unwanted edges or areas. Remove dust from sanding with a dry brush. Finish with your favourite van Gogh Fossil Paint Collection products. Soap and water clean-up.



4. Luminous Eye Shadow –Metallic Champagne Gorgeousness


The perfect eye shadow colour in every woman’s make-up kit, this sparkly champagne cream will add that little “je ne c’est quoi’” (I don’t know what) to every piece you apply it to.


5. Wrinkle Lotion – (Paint Crackle)

Finally!  The empowerment and wisdom of age in a bottle!  Our Wrinkle Lotion will add years of crackle to your painted pieces and has a dual use to adhere gold leaf to your furniture.

6. Face Masque – Old looking Stone like coarse plaster (Ancient Crackle)


Our Face Masque makes any piece of furniture look like it’s made of stone-  adding eons of time in a single application!